About the Founders

In 2005, Laura Doerflinger Schneider, LMHC and Leslie Fields, LMHC joined together to run social skills groups for elementary school children. Ms. Fields had worked for years with Wally’s Club in Seattle and wanted to offer children the same support to children on the Eastside. In 2014, they formally created Casey’s Clubhouse™ and Casey’s Club™ Kirkland. Under Casey’s Clubhouse™, Ms. Schneider developed the social-emotional curriculum essential to their program. Casey’s Clubhouse™ now offers workbooks that are used in Casey’s Clubs and supplemental materials that include 30 cartoons that tell Casey’s stories and teach Casey’s lessons to the Casey’s kids. Ms. Schneider designed Casey’s curriculum using evidence-based research in child psychology and education, leaning heavily on her 25-years in the fields and the club she lead with Ms. Fields in the Kirkland. In 2018, Ms. Schneider started developing the training program for professionals who eventually will be able to earn CEU’s and get certified to use Casey’s Clubhouse™ name, curriculum, and material

Laura Doerflinger Schneider, LMHC

Laura Schneider is a Licensed Mental Health Therapist in the state of Washington. Ms. Schneider been working as a mental health counselor since 1993. She worked with children, adolescents, and adults helping her clients find balance, gain perspective, and learn effective skills to address life’s challenges. In 2019,  Ms. Schneider retired from her private practice to focus full-time on Casey’s Clubhouse™.

As stated above, Ms. Schneider has been working with Leslie Fields on social skills groups since 2005. She believes that social-emotional skills are essential human skills and are best received in childhood, although accessible to all ages and stages. Her goal now is to develop Casey’s curriculum and train professionals to use the curriculum effectively both therapeutically and educationally. Ms. Schneider also teaches parenting classes and consults with parents on effective parenting skills. She writes articles on parenting, social skills, and kid related topics for schools, parenting magazines, and online family web sites.

In addition to her work, Ms. Schneider is married has two children and two step-children who are all grown up! She loves to write, paint, draw, and travel.

Leslie Fields

Currently, she works as a counselor in private practice for children, tweens, and parents. She is a Sandplay Practitioner, STA. Her passion has been to improve and enhance children’s social experiences. She worked with Terri Hollinsworth, LICSW for 18 years as co-leader of Wally’s Club. She then opened Wally’s Club Eastside with Laura Schneider, LMHC in 2005. Together they developed their own social skills curriculum, workbooks, and training program for Casey’s Clubhouse™. Casey’s Clubhouse™ incorporated new creative and research based techniques to increase the successful adaption of group work to real life social situations.

In addition to her career, Ms. Fields is married and is step-mom to her daughter and grandmother to her grandkids. She loves her dog Mulligan, who is a Reading with Rover volunteer dog. She loves to play tennis, dance and drum and travel.