About Casey’s Clubhouse, LLC

Casey’s Clubhouse, LLC, is a limited liability company owned by Laura Schneider and Leslie Fields. Their objective is to continue to develop effective social skills programs, books, and materials to be used both therapeutically and educationally; to offer world class training, certification, and supervision; and to produce and publish relevant material and support products that address the social and psychological needs of children and their parents.

Casey’s curriculum is under the copyright protection of Casey’s Clubhouse™ LLC. Casey’s Clubhouse™  is a start- up company. Today, they have their 30-week Club Member Workbooks published . They are currently adding the  audio-visual version of Casey’s Adventures and a parent support workbook.

The mission of Casey’s Clubhouse™ is to offer wholistic, integrated curriculum and support materials that make real differences in the lives of children and families using best practices as their guide. They use a combination of research and technology, pull from psychology, education, and neuroscience, and look to support a whole mind-body system rather than just pieces and parts.  

Casey’s Clubhouse™ is a collaborative organization, which provides support for independent Casey’s Clubs™.  Casey’s Clubs™ are independent business entities from Casey’s Clubhouse™. Facilitators register for Casey’s certification training program. They receive up to 26 hours of training and supervision before and during their first year. After the initial training, facilitators can purchase Casey’s curriculum and support materials and use Casey’s Club trademark to open independent clubs. They too are trained based on the same best practices philosophy. 

Casey’s Clubhouse™ just launched its certification program in 2018. Check on the Certification page to see when the next training is schedule.

For more information about Casey’s Clubhouse, LLC, contact Laura Schneider, LMHC at get@calmwithlaura.com